Saturday, March 18, 2023

The "ayes" Had It!

Three kids and seven grandchildren later I needed to choose "to mess or not to mess" my kitchen, for the sake of my little honey-pot having fun! The "ayes" had it, and so did my floor! With one tooth in, and one on the way, Emmett is finally able to practice picking up food and putting it in his mouth. His aim was not too good on this fine day, but it gave him plenty to do and lots to laugh about. Good thing I left out the time, I might leave out the cereal :))))

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Bubbie and her babies

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Baby Self-Feeding 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The More We Get Together the Happier We Are!

I was fortunate to have lots of company during the holidays. Not only did my grandkids stay with me for almost a week, but one of my grand doggies got to join in the fun, too! Although my honey bunnies range in age from 4 to 12, they often engage in the same activities helping each other along the way. Whether we're setting the table, prepping a meal, building candy sculptures, creating art, or blowing bubbles for the dog to pop, there's always something that requires everyones help. The time moves pretty quickly and settling down for a movie each night is a welcome unwind and treat (especially the complimentary popcorn) for all!
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Bubbie and her Grandkids

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Grandma! What Long Bangs We Have!

Since my grandkids were shut-in during the Covid shut-down, they decided to see how long their hair could grow. While visiting with me the other day, they wanted a photo so they could compare whose bangs were longest. This was actually a great way to get them to stay still long enough for a picture. Who knew:?) Now, if my dad were around he would have defeated the purpose of the photo by telling the boys to comb their hair out of their eyes before I snapped the shot! (Lucky for them, I didn't follow in their great-grandpop's footsteps.) Anyway, although I had the immediate answer for them on my phone, they still disputed over who's bangs were longest. The oldest declared that since he was the oldest, his head was the biggest, so his bangs were actually the longest. The middle child felt that he had won hands-down regardless. But the youngest pointed out that his nose was in the way causing his bangs to look shorter. Not wanting to squelch any of their theories, I quickly ran out of the room asking them to follow me, because I continued to tell them that I suddenly remembered there were cookies in the kitchen that needed finding. That worked! Next time, I'll hide my phone :)
Bubbie and her Grandboys

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Learn, Play, Eat, Repeat!


It had been a long time coming, and their big day had finally arrived! My grandkids had been packing and repacking their backpacks for weeks, anticipating returning to their friends, classrooms and, of course...recess! With Covid keeping them at home for well over a year, for most, they couldn't wait to get back. With a few new rules and adjustments, they easily adapted and were excited to share their first day back experiences with everyone who would listen...and I'm always up for that! Listening happens to be one of my favorite things to do with my kiddos. It takes little energy, no clean-up and fills me to the brim with happiness!
Happiness and Hugs all around,

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hey! Who invited the bear?!

Hey! Who invited the bear?!
I certainly did not! My hands were full enough with six, adorable and energetic grandchildren! They had been asking for another Cousin's Camp since the last, and I'm always here to please...and I did with three days and two nights of tie dying shirts, water play, arts and crafts, birthday party celebrations, games, lots of eating and of course, running around. What fun we had!
 Since I always follow up with a Shutterfly book filled with pages of their most memorable times spent together, it's always easy to get them to strike a pose.  And now that I have the kids taking turns illustrating the front and back covers of the book, it's added another dimension to their experience. They not only look forward to camp, but they adore their collection of special times at Bubbie's house.
Hugs from the gang!!!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Meet and Greet

"Gentleness is a learned behavior. You can help teach your child to be gentle by modeling the behavior yourself, by having your child role play with a doll or stuffed animal, and by helping your child to be aware that her movements and tone of voice are just as important as gentle touch."
Grayson begins his animal toy playdates with a meet and greet. After lining up all of his animals in a neat row, Grayson gives each a gentle hug, followed by a kiss and a little conversation. He usually calls them by their animal names and uses their animal sounds for communication. Grayson is well versed in a multitude of animal languages. He's corrected me many times :)))))
Gentle hugs from,
Bubbie and her Grandkids
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Friday, April 16, 2021

A Coving-Out Party

It had been 18 months since my sweethearts were together due to Covid. Wow! They were chomping at the bit to break loose and stir up some fun and laughter...and that is just what they did! Although, this was not a full-on Bubbie's camp, we did pack quite a bit of noise and catching-up into a one-night, two-day stay. Even, one of my grand doggies got into the act. When we said, "say cheese," good old Storm held his own. Storm did not miss a beat when it came to tag, relays, or ball play. He was in it till the end. Everyone slept soundly that night, and after they left, and I cleaned up a lot of the sticky, I slept an additional few days, just for good measure. Can't wait for another! I'll be planning a full version of Bubbie's camp this summer, including t-shirts and our "Happy Birthday to Everybody" party! I say, "get 'em while they're young, because they grow up before ya' know it :)"
Bubbie and all her grandbabies...and Storm