Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Coloring Books Verses Blank Paper

Draw anything your little heart desires...imagine that! 
All you need is a piece of blank paper and a writing tool and you're off and running...I mean drawing!
This little sweetheart jumped right in with his blue marker and a plan. He clearly had something in mind as he drew his loop-d-loops, squiggly lines and came to his big finish with lots of dots. It was then off to the refrigerator for display and then back to the drawing board for his next dive into a million possibilities.
Although I have coloring books on hand, I usually offer white paper with crayons or markers for coloring fun. My grandkids never turn down the chance to show me what they can do. It's always exciting to hear the stories that lie within the lines. 
Share with us your coloring ways with your kids and/or grandkids. Always enjoy hearing from you.
Bubbie and her Grandbabies
Scholastic/Coloring Inside the Lines
"Preschool (and kindergarten) is a time of exploration, experimentation, and creativity. It is best not to expect your child to try to work within the lines or to try to make perfect letters at this stage."
Why I Don't Buy Colorinng Books for My Kids
"If you want to raise creative kids, skip the coloring books and give them paper and crayons. Encourage them to draw for themselves."

Saturday, November 16, 2019

To Pretend City or Bust

"We build better brains at Pretend City Children's Museum"
After reading this,  I decided I'd better take in as much as I can, since I'm not getting any younger! But for this youngster, without any effort, the learning kicked into high gear from the moment we stepped through their doors, until the need to bribe him to leave. With so much to do, his first decision was where to start. It wasn't too tough to come up with an answer once he spotted a police jacket, hat and car. The outfit stayed on throughout his visiting and working in their store, restaurant, garden, and even performing on stage. What a blast he had!  More visits will be coming up in order to explore some more of this beautifully designed play experience.
Although I've been to many great please-touch-me museums over the years, this one has impressed me the most and surely has left a lasting impression on my grand baby! We'll be back!!!
Pretend City Children's Museum
Please share your experiences to museums with your kids and/or grandkids. Always looking for more ideas.
Bubbie and her Grandbabies

Sunday, October 27, 2019

At Your Service

Yeah, I'll have one of those scrumptious pink, plastic, ice cream scoops, and a bag of waxed fries...so sorry...I mean a number one meal with a vanilla shake! Oh, the goodies you'll be served at this McDonald's is beyond belief. This three year old can keep up with the best of 'em! He's hard working, attentive to detail, and doesn't skimp on product. I think he's ready for the next step!...Bubbie's kitchen! Filled with ingredients for a good old fashioned ice cream soda and plenty of wet wipes on the side!
Stop by anytime. Hours of operation are dependent on naps :)
Comments always welcome!
Bubbie and her Grand Babies
Pretend Play 
"Pretend play serves many purposes and helps to push the boundaries of play.
The imagination of a child is priceless. Pretend play is a thinking skill."
How Children Benefit From Pretend Play

Sunday, October 20, 2019

When Big Brother is Away...

When big brother is away, little brother will climb on his bed, get into his toys, rearrange his room, and then Bubbie has to remember where everything went, and put it all back together before big brother comes home! Whew! I get quite a workout on those days!
BTW: The little one and I have discussed telling his big brother about this little secret of ours, but we both decided that some things are best left unsaid...especially when the telling will get us in a heap of trouble :))))))))))
How do you keep your little ones from messing with their siblings belongings? Would love to hear your ideas!
Bubbie and her Grandbabies
How to Sibling Proof Your Room
"Keep a box of things in your room that your siblings are allowed to use. This will encourage them to play with only what you allow them to. Consider changing some of the items in it once a week or so. Tell them that they have to clean up after themselves whenever they use it, or you won’t add new items to the bin."

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Adventures in Cooking with the Grandkids

Spending time with my grandkids is always fun, sometimes an adventure, and often messy... especially if it's their first time scrambling eggs. Since our recipe called for four eggs, I brought out a dozen to be on the safe side:) Although my honey was ready to go, I started him off with a quick demo and accidentally got to show him how to retrieve some shell droppings from the mixture. Jude did better than I by the time we were on egg number four. Beating the eggs to a light and airy place took a little bit more concentration. With my hands over his, I helped him tilt the bowl and whisk the eggs with a fork. Boy, did he feel great once he got the hang of it. After conquering the eggs, everything else was a piece of cake. And, if we were baking a cake, it would have tasted just as good as our fried matzah!
Happy Cooking,
Bubbie and her Grandkids
If you've got any easy cooking tips while cooking/baking with your kids or grandkids, I'd love to hear from you!

A Guide to Cookery Skills by Age
"Children will vary in their ability to undertake different cooking activities. Use your own judgment to choose tasks you think are suitable for your child. Safety is the biggest concern, beyond that a little trial and error is all part of the fun."
Baking With Kids: Crack An Egg Like A Pro

Friday, October 4, 2019

Ready, Aim, Open!

Not knowing how much help would be needed for this meal, I came prepared with extra spoons, napkins and wet wipes.  Buckled into his seat belt, with tray snapped in place, I sat close, but not too close. There was no hesitation as he grabbed the spoon and aimed for the cherry sitting at the top. It was love at first bite for this tasty treat. Yes! Hands, fingers and both ends of the spoon were used to scrape every last drop from it's container, but it was worth it...especially for this Bubbie's viewing pleasure!
Bubbie and her Grand Babies!
Always loving to hear your babies/grandbabies feeding experiences! 
Teaching Baby To Feed Himself
"Learning to scoop cereal in a spoon, stab a green bean with a fork and steer a loaded utensil to the mouth are all great ways for your baby to practice hand eye coordination skills , or "Visual Motor Skills" as child development nerds like me call them."-Rachel Coley-
When Should You Give Baby A Spoon
Toddler Milestone: Self-Care

Friday, September 20, 2019

A Water Colorist : The Real Deal

Who knew how much joy I could bring into the life of one of my kiddos with a blackboard, a thick paintbrush and a small amount of water in a cup? Well, apparently a lot! And, who knew he would take it so seriously? The places he went on this adventure was extraordinary! Starting out with lines, which circled back to shapes, and with some added dots, he explained his compilation of monsters, ghosts and a dinosaur pushing through the crowd! With so much effort and concentration called for, a snack was in order. Soon my grand baby was satisfied and ready to create another work of art on a completely dry canvas. This Bubbie was also overjoyed with this mess-free activity!
Please share your no-mess or just-a-little-mess solutions for your kids and/or grandkids:)
Stress-Free, Mess-Free Water Play
13 No-Mess Activities for Kids
See you next time,
Bubbie and her Grandbabies