Friday, September 20, 2019

A Water Colorist : The Real Deal

Who knew how much joy I could bring into the life of one of my kiddos with a blackboard, a thick paintbrush and a small amount of water in a cup? Well, apparently a lot! And, who knew he would take it so seriously? The places he went on this adventure was extraordinary! Starting out with lines, which circled back to shapes, and with some added dots, he explained his compilation of monsters, ghosts and a dinosaur pushing through the crowd! With so much effort and concentration called for, a snack was in order. Soon my grand baby was satisfied and ready to create another work of art on a completely dry canvas. This Bubbie was also overjoyed with this mess-free activity!
Please share your no-mess or just-a-little-mess solutions for your kids and/or grandkids:)
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See you next time,
Bubbie and her Grandbabies

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Drawing Out the Best in Kids

Bringing out large sheets of white paper with drawing supplies is always a hit at Bubbie's house. My grand kids know I can't wait to hang their masterpieces on my fridge, for all to admire.
This fine day my five year old started slow by choosing and sharpening her favorite colored pencils, while my seven year old jumped in, pens first, anxious to get his ideas recorded quickly.
I watched these kids and observed decision making, eye-hand coordination, concentration and imaginative skills developing. They looked at it as the best part of their day...especially since their Bubbie always has their favorite treats sitting by their side. Works for me!
'Till next time,
Bubbie and her grand kids!
How do you get your kids and/or grand kids to the drawing table? 
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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Kids and their Nintendo Switches/Game Consoles

After being told where my grandson was playing with his friend, I stepped into his room. Something didn't sound right! It was completely silent. There was no movement. There was no interaction between friends. Just two boys, on opposite sides of the room, playing on their Nintendo Switches (game consoles), each absorbed in their own worlds.  "Hmm..." I thought out loud. "Here's a novel idea. How about you both find a game you like and play together on one Nintendo Switch?" They did! They liked it and in my book, they were now playing! I left the room hearing laughter, squealing, smiling and lots of communicating. Music to my ears :)
What kind of activities go on between your kids/grandkids and their friends. Care to share? I would love to hear about it!
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Till next time,
Bubbie and her grandkids

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Grayson's Fifth

Since this 22 month old grandson of mine loves to climb, keeping him off of the piano has become a losing battle. Pulling himself onto the center of the bench is now routine. Once situated, he then proceeds to entertain me with not one, but many versions of Grayson's 5th. Although he's practiced this piece many times, it seems that it has a way of banging itself out differently each time he plays. Fortunately, this pleases him so much that he has a tendency to play louder at each performance. (Maybe I should applaud less :)))) I'm just thankful that he can't reach the pedals yet!
"Learning piano at a young age offers many benefits. It builds confidence and develops creative expression, and studying a musical instrument increases spatial awareness and helps children score higher in reading and math tests than their non-musical counterparts.", so states

Techniques for Teaching 2-Year-Olds to Play Piano 

Having had music lessons as a child, I offered it to all of my kids when they were young. Two of the three still enjoy playing today.
Please share your experiences with playing music yourself at an early age, or your kids or grandkids. Always love hearing from you!
Signing off for now, 
Bubbie and her grandbabies

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Long Lines at the Gate

Yes, it was early in the day, but still the line was long. Patiently waiting, everyone eventually got their turn around the ottoman, past the bucket of blocks and finally back to the unloading zone. This preschooler was smart. As a creative business man, he gave free rides to his first group of customers, and then brought toy money into his storyline. He made out like a bandit! Thirty minutes later, with a pocket full of change, the animals were back in there respective bins and this little sweetie-pie was ready for a snack. I never know what is about to unfold as toys come to the floor, but it's always a blast to see what sits in the mind of a three year old!
I would love to hear about your grand kids and/or kids imaginative play. Also, if you have a favorite kid's link, let me know. Care to share :?)
'Till next time.
Bubbie and her grand babies
"Playing is how preschoolers learn, experiment and solve problems. In fact, play is vital for their overall development and well being."
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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Plush Toys and Kids

It was a beautiful Thursday morning. My grand daughters and I arrived at the mall just as they opened, and we were off and running to pick out their birthday gifts. I told them how much they could spend and insisted they look in 3 stores before they make up their minds. We began our shopping spree in Justice, a kids clothing shop, followed by The Disney Store and last but not least we went into Build-a-Bear. Although they squealed with delight in the first 2 stores, their little hearts melted when they saw a room filled with stuffed animals. It was love at first sight and they had to have them. Not only did they have a blast, but it was great fun for me too! For an hour and a half they enjoyed stuffing, fluffing, brushing, dressing and naming their puppy and kitty. The hugging and loving part started the minute we walked out of the store and continued the whole drive home. I even got in on their love fest as I dropped the girls off and stole a few hugs for myself. 
Until next time, and thanks for stopping by!
Bubbie and the girls
P.S. This reminded me of how helpful dolls and plush were to my own kids when they were young. 
"These playthings have unique advantages over other toys, researchers say. Because kids know that a plush puppy or a princess doll represents a living thing, they can relate and attach emotions to it. Playing with these "friends" allows kids to explore their complex feelings."
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Monday, July 29, 2019

Cousins Camp

I tried. I really did! Taking pictures of my 6 grandkids was like getting a new litter of excited puppies to stay still. They were so happy to see each the last thing they wanted to do was strike a pose. After many failed attempts I settled on individual shots, and if I got lucky, another grandchild or two would get in on the action. All worked out beautifully and I've already compiled their pics into memory books, which are being printed up by Shutterfly, as we speak. They look forward to their keepsake books which they get to enjoy all year long.
We just completed year number four of our 2 night/3 day sleepovers...( I think I sleep about twice that long once they leave :)
They started this year off with camp t-shirts, assigned camp positions, miniature flashlights and clip boards with paper, pen and stickers. I knew this welcome package would keep them busy for at least 10 minutes, so I had many indoor and outdoor activities, a piƱata, foods and movies ready for them. I was determined to find a way to keep these kids entertained and busy. It did work and they all slept well each night.
I would love to hear about your sleepover experiences with your grand babies or kids or whatever comments you'd like to share. Always happy to hear from you!
It has been years since I've posted, but glad to be back! Talk to you again soon!
Bubbie and her kiddos!
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