Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Haircut

My grandson's first haircut did not happen while sitting at the bathroom sink, or in a barber's chair.  A salon designed just for kids  was chosen for his precious-ness!  Today haircuts are performed in trains, planes and automobiles...while watching DVD's or TV on flat screen monitors.  Some of these kids' boutiques offer birthday parties, costumes for dress-up, air-hockey, video games, karaoke and toys galore!
I want to go!  I say,"Grown-up salons should get with the program!"  How about some incentives for us, like: hot hors d'oeuvres, live music, and free round trip tickets to Hawaii!
When I was a kid, we'd get the old, "bowl cut!"  And yes, an actual bowl was used!  Our entertainment was watching our siblings having a fit because they knew they were next!  My kids were lucky!  They were introduced to the new and improved version of the "home haircut."  Each one got to sit on the vanity, with their feet in the sink, watching in the mirror, while mommy made funny faces to get them through her attempt at cutting their hair. Ah, the good ol' days! A time before we knew someone else could do the job better, faster, and with less band-aids!
Here's to looking good!
P.S.  Any haircut traditions in your family?
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lovies, and Blankies, and Binkies...oh, my!

Just the other day, I discovered my grandson offering to share his precious, satiny "lovie" with the cat.  This was amazing to me!  Not one of my three children would have shared their blankies with anyone or any living thing.  The best they would do, when no one was looking, was to allow a favorite plush or doll to borrow it for a short time, while under their watchful eyes.  I found that blankies, lovies and binkies, take on a life of their own.  They become a he or a she, always need protecting, never need washing, can withstand the most treacherous excursions, and are able to calm and soothe, during the most critical times!  Hey!  That sounds pretty good to me!  Maybe I ought to get one for myself?
Sweet dreams,
P.S. How about a "blankie" story of your own?
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Trick or Treat!

Looking through old costumes , and putting together new ones, started weeks before Halloween when I was a kid.  We were big into detail, so make-up or masks were as important as how we dressed.  It was a good thing too, because growing up on the East coast was pretty cold by the end of October, and we were not allowed to trick-or-treat  without wearing a big, old, heavy coat which covered-up our Halloween costumes!  Living in sunny California was much different for my children, and is for my grandson.  None of that, taking off the coat to show everyone how cute you looked, after entering every house...then having to put the coat back on before you went to your next "candy" pick-up station.  This process ate into our precious time for hitting as many houses as possible before the dreaded porch lights were turned off!  Now-a-days there's another choice besides neighbors malls!  Many shopping malls offer a safe, fun, and easy way to trick-or-treat!  Parents can bring their kids to most stores in a mall to receive a treat.  Go to a participating indoor mall and weather's never an issue!
I'll probably dress in a costume this year, and walk alongside my grandbaby so I can relive some Halloween memories without the coat and more of the treats!
P.S. Share your favorite Halloween memories!
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Jude's Easy-to-Follow, 5 Step Reading Program!

Step 1: Mosey on over to the books that your mom and dad placed neatly, and alphabetically for you on your bookshelf .
Step 2: Pull every book off the shelf until you find the book that seems just right for you.  (You might need to taste one or two in the process of finding the one that 'strikes your fancy'.)
Step 3: Lie down on your bed, making sure you've got your book sitting comfortably across your belly.
Step 4: Turn the pages, as you study the pictures , and talk to the book.

Step 5: WARNING: Your eyes and hands will tire quickly, so be sure not to pick out a book that weighs more than you!  Have fun!

Observed and recorded by Bubbie!
P.S. Let me know about your grandchild's or child's favorite book(s). Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing With Household Items

See Jude.  See Jude play.  See Jude play in Bubbie's plastic bins which she emptied, just for him!  Bubbie's bins were filled with very important files and paperwork, five minutes before this picture was taken.  Bubbie was forced to make an executive decision concerning Jude's need to open and close each bin while in it's frame, with the distinct possibility of catching his pudgy, little fingers along the way.  Dismantling and emptying each bin, and placing them on the floor kept Jude busy for the rest of the morning.  Jude demonstrated over and over again, how these bins can be climbed-in, sat-in, jumped-in, and scooted-in, picked-up, stacked-up, pushed-along, and sat-on!  Never underestimate the creative mind of a 14 month old!
P.S. See Bubbie spend the rest of the afternoon trying to put everything back together again!
P.S.S. How do your grandkids and/or kids turn everyday household items, into play things?
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Where is Jude?  I can't find Jude anywhere!  Where did he go?
Why can't Bubbie disappear that easily? Jude, what's your secret?  I can't figure this out!  No matter how hard I try, everyone still finds me.  Don't they know I am invisible, unavailable...temporarily gone from the face of this earth?  I actually think they find me faster when I try to hide.  More urgent matters seem to erupt when I attempt this feat.  Something breaks, phones ring, dogs fight, even bridges collapse!  Well maybe not bridges...but there was the overflowing toilet that rushed it's way through my doors, floors, and ceilings!  Maybe I've got to work on closing my eyes tighter?  That's it!  It's the eyes!  There he is!  There's Jude!  I see him now!  Then we laugh, and play again.  
Imagine that!
P.S.  Would love to hear about one of your little one's all-time favorite games!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Great "Grand" Parents

Great "grand" pop Harry was born in 1917, which pushed him to his 93rd birthday celebration in June.  Although there are 92 years between him and his great grandson, they share much in common.  They both work on their walking daily, find soft foods easiest to chew, and they're terrific at making each other laugh!  
Since I get to help my grandson and my dad out weekly, I'm always entertained by these two hams.  Jude will crack me up with his actions, while my dad has at times, a very dark sense of humor.  Like when he asked me recently if I wanted to know how he keeps his caregivers on their toes.  Without thinking I said, "yes!"  His punch line was to take 2 fast, deep breaths, then drop his head on his shoulder with his eyes closed, as if he croaked...Okay, so I do admit I laughed along with him, off my chair, but don't ya' think this man needs a hobby?
Holding on to my sense of humor for dear life,
P.S. Would love to hear one of your classic, funny stories about your munchkins, or parents!
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Exciting Discoveries For Babies

Discovering “under” has got to be the next best thing to a cream cheese and jelly sandwich!  Imagine being able to relax on a nice cushy pillow next to grandbaby, while he brings his toys in and out from “under” the bed a couple of hundred times.  I love this game!  As he finally got a little bored, I gently began to rock him on my rocking chair.   Just when I thought he’d fallen asleep, he apparently felt rested enough to do a bit more discovering.  This one I titled “over”.  I thought it was appropriate since he was rock-climbing up my stomach and chest, then attempting the great escape “over” the top of my chair.  We both landed on our feet and went into six rounds of “Ring Around The Rosie.”   "Around” definitely does not cut it for me anymore, since I don’t know when my body became allergic to spinning!  As I grabbed my pillow and non-drowsy Dramamine, I helped my grandson rediscover his crib!
P.S. What would you say was your child's and/or grandchild's most exciting discovery? 
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Child Proofing House For Babies

Blind winder cord...check!  Socket covers, corner cushions, super stopper, finger guard, lever lock,...check, check, check, check check! I actually believed I had outwitted this little one.  I still don't know how I missed the "more fun than a barrel of monkeys" springy door stopper, with removable cap?"  Thank goodness, my grandson stopped by the house to point it out.  It didn't take him more than a few minutes scoping out the room, to discover the one and only unsafe item for toddlers !  After he spent a half hour being totally amused by the spring yelling, "boing" every 3 seconds, I tried to distract him with everything and anything.
Bubbie's lesson for the day: There is no toy, children's video, fluffy talking/singing plush, or tempting treat that can entice a toddler away from something they shouldn't be playing, give it up!
Best regards,
P.S.  Have you found some great gadgets that really work, for keeping your honey safer?
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Solid Foods For Baby

So how was I supposed to remember (from 25 years ago), that introducing a baby to a spoon at the same time as their food, can be confusing to them? Little did I know, that there was an article that explained this phenomenon. My finger! I was supposed to use my finger instead of the spoon. What was I thinking! Of course that explained why he was dodging every helping with his quick little hands. He was confused! I thought he was just trying to be funny! And we both thought it was pretty hilarious, until he figured out how to get it going my way! Once it shot up my nose, I was ready for a nice, soothing, warm bottle...I mean Jude was!
Disclaimer: No baby was harmed during the making of this picture...but I can't same the same for my camera!
Happy "grand"baby sitting,
P.S. Please share with us your most successful baby feeding solutions. Thanks!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Safe Blocks For Baby

Yes, this toy was personally tested by my grandson, just so you would feel comfortable buying a set of "B" blocks for your own little munchkins! I realize it was brave of him, but somebody had to do it! These soft blocks claim to be stackable, squeezable, chewable, squeakable, and I can't remember what else...and they are all of the above! Got tired of intercepting his hard, plastic toys, just before he bopped himself on the face or head with them. Too many ouchies, too often! And, no, I'm not getting paid for my endorsement, I'm just thrilled to have found a great toy, and wanted to share it with you. Discovered these blocks at Target when Jude was 5 months, and he played so well with them, that I upped the ante with their more extensive set the next month. These blocks will no doubt hold up for more little kidlits to come! Enjoy!
P.S. Which toy or book did you buy for your first born, which lasted and was enjoyed by his/her sibling (s)?
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ahh...the fine art of drooling. I've not seen a child do it as well as my grandson, since my sister's child, who was born 24 years ago. (And I do believe he still does it for special occasions!) Fortunately, my little darling doesn't seem to be bothered by the constant flow of liquid pouring from his mouth. I just follow him around with a bucket, and we're good to go! Just couldn't resist sharing this pic...Oh, I know he'll hate me for taking it when he's older, but it's making me laugh...after all...don't I deserve a little chuckle now and then?
Hope it helps,
P.S. Would love to hear from you with your ideas on soothing babies pain when teething!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Walker For Baby

After spending countless hours "GOOGLEing" walkers, I discovered the best rated to be the, "Fisher-Price" Shop and Learn Walker. Too anxious to shop online, I drove store-to-store looking for the best price. I was thrilled to discover this toy that states it "helps baby gain problem-solving experience, and develop thinking skills by discovering how to activate music, lights, sounds and speech." Wow! I was impressed. I then spent an hour putting it together. (Okay, so I have no mechanical skills!) I basically had to remove it from it's box, and add the handle. Learning how everything worked, I was ready and excited to present it to my sweetie. Not giving me a chance to show-off my newly acquired knowledge, my grandson rushed past me, grabbed the walker by it's handle, and ran w/it...up and down the room. He finally stopped long enough to notice there were toys in the basket, and curiously picked each one up, and threw them ever-so-quickly onto the floor. After another few minutes he used his problem-solving skills to climb into the basket, balancing himself just right, so he wouldn't fall. The only thing he decided to activate was his voice, as he let me know that he wanted to be pushed...up and down the room about a zillion times. I'll remember to wear my back-belt next time!
Happy babysitting,
P.S. Always looking for new toy ideas! Got any?
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Babysitting Grandbabies

April 6, 2009 was a great day! My new grandson came into this world 4 weeks early...ready and willing to tumble. Three months later I was assigned a "3 days-a-week" babysitting slot. Not having a baby for 25 years left me a bit stale. After the first week, I slowly began to have flashbacks of my early days in the trenches. I took notes. 1. No necklaces. 2. Lose the glasses. 3. Hanging earrings won't work, unless you live for pain. 4. Wear a bib. 5. Wear clothes that you plan on throwing away. 6. Nap when they nap. 7. Wear a back belt and/or strengthen abs. Would love to stay and chat, but I've got to go rake-up the toys.
Happy Grandparenting,
P.S. Got your own list? Bring it on!
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