Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Parties!

There's not a whole lot that can top a "bounce house" for a two year old's birthday party. (Not in Jude's mind, anyway.)  As long as you have a big enough back yard, or a park to set them up are good to go!  These outdoor playgyms are incredibly fun for the kids, as well as the few brave adults pulled in by their apprehensive toddlers. Closest thing to this that I got to do as a kid was to bounce on the sofa or bed.  And we didn't have the encouragement of our parents standing by, cheering us on.  It was more like, "if I catch you jumping on that sofa one more time.........!"(you know the rest).  Ahh, the good "new" days!
Happy Birthday, Jude!
P.S. What have your grandkids most enjoyed doing for their birthday parties?
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  1. Wow, so cute! Jude is having a great time in the big bouncer!

  2. Jude had a blast! He spent the majority of the party inside the bounce house.

  3. Can't wait till our grandsons are old enough to enjoy one of those bounce houses. Right now, with my grandsons on my knee, I'm responsible for creating the bounce effect!

  4. Remember that well as a kid. Always worth the wait in line, alongside my siblings, for a turn.

  5. We had a family tradition of renting a bounce house for Thanksgiving. The last year we did it, the big kids were so rough that I was afraid they were going to burst it! So no bounce house last year. I think I missed it more than the kids did. Or maybe I'm just sad that they are getting so big! Anyway, I have some ideas for birthday parties once Jude gets a little bigger.

  6. Loved your ideas. Had to set up a link to your article on this post. Thanks!