Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finger Foods

Watching Jude chow down on some cut-up peanut butter and jelly squares, put me in the mood for some easy-to-make finger food ideas. I found some great links below, but was stumped when I saw a picture of a Pikelet ??? (For anyone who also didn't know, it turns out that a Pikelet is a type of pancake found in Australia and New Zealand.) Now that I've been tempted by so many delicious recipes, I think I'll still go make myself a P & B sandwich for now.  (But I will try some of these great food combinations this week, especially the frozen yogurt on graham crackers sandwich...that should be a winner with a little one!)
Happy cooking,
Bubbie and Jude
Please share any quick and yummy recipes you've made for and/or with the kids!
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