Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ahh...the fine art of drooling. I've not seen a child do it as well as my grandson, since my sister's child, who was born 24 years ago. (And I do believe he still does it for special occasions!) Fortunately, my little darling doesn't seem to be bothered by the constant flow of liquid pouring from his mouth. I just follow him around with a bucket, and we're good to go! Just couldn't resist sharing this pic...Oh, I know he'll hate me for taking it when he's older, but it's making me laugh...after all...don't I deserve a little chuckle now and then?
Hope it helps,
P.S. Would love to hear from you with your ideas on soothing babies pain when teething!
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  1. Eileen,

    I love this picture. What a drooler!!
    It's been a long, long time since I have been with babies so I don't have any stories to share.
    Great blog!!


  2. Yeah, he cracks me up! Glad you like my blog. I'm having a great time with it!
    Jude's Bubbie!