Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Where is Jude?  I can't find Jude anywhere!  Where did he go?
Why can't Bubbie disappear that easily? Jude, what's your secret?  I can't figure this out!  No matter how hard I try, everyone still finds me.  Don't they know I am invisible, unavailable...temporarily gone from the face of this earth?  I actually think they find me faster when I try to hide.  More urgent matters seem to erupt when I attempt this feat.  Something breaks, phones ring, dogs fight, even bridges collapse!  Well maybe not bridges...but there was the overflowing toilet that rushed it's way through my doors, floors, and ceilings!  Maybe I've got to work on closing my eyes tighter?  That's it!  It's the eyes!  There he is!  There's Jude!  I see him now!  Then we laugh, and play again.  
Imagine that!
P.S.  Would love to hear about one of your little one's all-time favorite games!

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