Monday, September 20, 2010

Great "Grand" Parents

Great "grand" pop Harry was born in 1917, which pushed him to his 93rd birthday celebration in June.  Although there are 92 years between him and his great grandson, they share much in common.  They both work on their walking daily, find soft foods easiest to chew, and they're terrific at making each other laugh!  
Since I get to help my grandson and my dad out weekly, I'm always entertained by these two hams.  Jude will crack me up with his actions, while my dad has at times, a very dark sense of humor.  Like when he asked me recently if I wanted to know how he keeps his caregivers on their toes.  Without thinking I said, "yes!"  His punch line was to take 2 fast, deep breaths, then drop his head on his shoulder with his eyes closed, as if he croaked...Okay, so I do admit I laughed along with him, off my chair, but don't ya' think this man needs a hobby?
Holding on to my sense of humor for dear life,
P.S. Would love to hear one of your classic, funny stories about your munchkins, or parents!
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  1. Oh, boy, can I relate. My father was born in 1915. He lives alone, but my sister and I alternate care-giving tasks. He also has a great sense of humor, although not quite as wicked as your father's!

    Recently we took him on a 600-mile road trip so he could attend his WWII Air Force reunion. It was his first time to take a trip with my GPS, which we call "Tom." During the trip, I joked, "I don't know how Tom always knows where we want to go." My sister said, "I don't understand how Tom knows where we are." My dad piped up, "I don't know why Tom cares!"

  2. That was great! I'm still laughing! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I don't know about you, but I find myself telling as many funny stories about my dad, as I do about my grandson, now!