Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

"Toy Story's" Woody, the always popular Superman, Ducky, Miss Ladybug, King Midas, and two lovely, twin fairies came together this year, for a pre-Halloween party at the park.  This adorable group of celebrities honored us grown-ups with their presence, and brought enough enthusiasm to keep the celebration moving until lunchtime.  They kept busy coloring, playing with clay, bubbles, chalk and with each other. What we didn't include in the festivities was "sugar." We figured they would have their fill trick-or-treating later that day. Halloween stickers, ghoulish finger puppets and rings replaced the sweets without a problem!
Bubbie, Jude and the neighborhood kidlets, too!
Have a great recipe for the kids?  Please drop us your favorite in the comments box!
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