Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Kids Get Sick

Jude was on 'day 5' of being sick, when I noticed the truest sign of all, that he was on his way to wellness...the floor in his room.  It was a mess!  Yes, a toy-filled, walk-at-your-own-risk glorious site!  This sweetheart was finally feeling well enough to break out his toys, and dig into play!  Ahh...although his little nose was still runny, and the cough was still there, Jude was back in the saddle again!
How do you help soothe your little ones when they're not feeling well?
Almost better,
Jude and Bubbie
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  1. Since Charlie has just begun a new toddler play group, I suspect there will be colds. So far he hasn't contracted anything more than a runny nose which didn't seem to bother him. I know I'll need some tricks up my sleeve if he catches anything more serious. I'll try music first, though. It always seems to help calm him when he's upset.

    Glad Jude is feeling better! Isn't it nice when there is a mess!

  2. Jude is fine now, and I agree with your sentiment. It's always nice and a good sign to see a room filled with toys being played with and enjoyed!

  3. Your post reminds me of that wonderful Robert Louis Stevenson poem, "The Lane of Counterpane." "When I was sick and lay a-bed, / I had two pillows at my head, / And all my toys beside me lay / To keep me happy all the day." I'm glad Jude is well!

  4. Just 'Googled' and read all 4 verses of the poem. Really enjoyed it! Thanks for mentioning it!