Monday, October 17, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

"Believe it or not, dress-up play is vital to a child’s development. According to licensed child psychologist Dr. Laurie Zelinger, “It fosters the imaginative processes, and allows for play without rules or script. Dress up allows for experimentation, role play and fantasy. "
...With hats on and Jude's imagination in full gear, Jude and his pal Woody,  just spent the last half hour running, jumping and zooming 'to infinity and beyond!' I must say that the dog and I were a little sad we weren't invited in on the fun, but then again, we did forget our hats!
P.S. What types of things do you offer your grandkids to encourage pretend play?
Bubbie and Jude
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  1. My daughters keep a dress-up box. Anything that can conceivably be used for dress-up goes in. At my house, the grandgirls used to love dressing up in their mothers' prom dresses. The last time we moved, I insisted that my daughters take them to their houses. Now I sort of wish I had them back. It was so much fun to see them tripping around in all that frippery!

  2. Prom dresses! What a great idea! Another keepsake I wish I saved!