Saturday, October 29, 2011

Infants and Colds

Since Katie took on a nasty cold, I did a quick search to see what is recommended for helping babies today.  The first site I came to talked about congestion:
    * "An old fashioned way to clean out infant nasal congestion was to gently suck the mucus out by placing your mouth over the nostrils. If you do try this method be sure to suck only very gently and for only a few seconds at a time so your baby can breathe, keeping in mind that he can only breathe through his mouth."
    Well, little Katie has congestion but I have a strong feeling that mommy won't be doing any "mucous sucking," anytime soon.
    I also learned that because breast milk has anti-bacterial and healing properties, there are many uses for it besides feeding a baby. Here's one for a cold:
    * "Saline solution or breastmilk can be soothing to the inflamed membranes and help to loosen up dried mucus that may be blocking the nasal passages."
    (Would love to hear about any tried and true remedies that you know of, for helping a little one feel better when sick.)
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Bubbie and Katie, too!
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    *Please be sure to ask your doctor before relying on any articles, or quotes I've pulled from articles.