Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tactile Play

So there was this stick.  This was no ordinary stick. This stick was found by Jude and became his magical find for the day.  Where ever Jude went, so went this stick. And sharing was out of the question! After all, sticks like this one are not easy to find, especially when you live in a neighborhood filled with gardeners ready to clean-up and remove precious treasures such as this, before they hit the ground!
Sticks, flowers, bushes and other natural materials are starting to catch Jude's eye and sense of touch. We brought this stick over to the sand for some drawing fun and it lasted for a good ten minutes before it chipped away into a 2 inch stub, which was actually perfect for digging out that little pebble stuck under some dry brush!
Exploring nature in a safe and fun way, 
Bubbie and Jude
Any tips on nature outings you'd like to share?
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