Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kids and Weddings

It was a gorgeous day for a wedding and Jude was anxiously waiting to be seated while discussing the ceremony program.  Being the youngest to be invited, Jude demonstrated his ability to stay perfectly quiet during the ceremony, and later brought down the house with his dance moves on the ballroom floor.  It was a great time for all with loving family and friends to help share in the uniting and celebrating of the newly married couple!  
Wonderful memories will follow for all!
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Share with us your good or not-so-good wedding celebrations with the kids!
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  1. I know that some people don't want kids at their wedding, but I love it when there are people of all ages. Yes, if you have a toddler or infant, you should be seated near the back and be ready to dash out if your child creates a disturbance, but the idea that a wedding is supposed to be this perfect, unmarred occasion is just bogus. Everyone has something, small or large, that goes wrong. To aim for perfection is to be disappointed.

  2. I look forward to sharing your words of wisdom with my son and soon-to-be-wife. So true!