Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Katie, Katie, Lovely Lady!

Jude is tickled pink about his new cousin, Katie!  She has no idea the things that Jude has in store for her.  Like, how to hold a peach when you're trying to suck out the juice, where to hide when you don't want anyone to know you're pooping in your diaper, and of course, jumping on the bed then plopping on a mound of pillows! He's not yet aware that this lovely baby Katie is only one week old and still needing a little R & R before his games begin. I think this boy is going to do just fine with his first cousin, and I'm sure we'll soon see Katie teaching Jude a thing or two!                                                                                     
I'd love to hear your ideas on helping toddlers feel comfortable around newborns!
Best wishes from a very happy, new,
Bubbie and cousin Jude!
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