Sunday, May 15, 2011

Educational Toys

The advertisement read, "This ingenious, fun-to-use phone lets children hear themselves talk…so kids can really focus on every sound they say! Perfect for exploring letter sounds, phoneme blending, sound manipulation and more, the molded plastic phone is sized just for kids, with a lightweight, easy-grip handle." Obviously I had to buy this right away for my grandson.  I couldn't wait to watch the surprised expression on his face as he'd hear himself talk.  What the copy on the package should have added was, "...and just in case your children prefer puzzles, expect them to try to fit every toy they have into the fun-to-use phone's openings and build from there!"  I must admit, I spent a lot of time listening to myself talk into this ingenious invention while Jude slept.  It will be fun and educational once he's ready!
Happy learning,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  I'd love to hear about some educational toys you've found worthwhile buying for the kids!  Thanks!
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  1. I can totally relate. There have been toys that have promised much and delivered not so much - even when age appropriate. It's all trial and error. Thankfully, some of the simplest objects found around the house inspire the most interest.

  2. I'm with Granny Nanny. For teaching letter recognition and pre-reading skills, there's nothing like reading with the grands. A good ABC book will help, but most any book will do.