Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

When I was a teen we used to play, "How many kids can squish into a Volkswagon Beetle at one time?"  Today as a grandmom the game of the day was, "How many toddlers can we get to sit still long enough, to snap one picture?"  I'm proud to announce that it only took six adults, and many clicks on two cameras to come up with this miraculous shot! Not bad though, if you consider the amount of treats these sweeties just finished off during and after their Egg Hunt.  
Nap time for all!
Happy Easter,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Have any cute pics of your cuties?  Send them in. Happy to show them off! (Send jpg's to
P.S.S. Any tips on picture taking (toddlers)?
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  1. In my
    piece on photographing grandchildren
    , I say: "Don't make every shot a group shot.
    If it is difficult to get a good shot of one grandchild, put two others in the frame and it becomes exponentially more difficult. We all cherish those group shots of our grandchildren, even if they are not perfect, but you are more likely to get really excellent quality by photographing one or two grandchildren at a time." Having said that, let me say that your shot is amazingly good of all the kiddos!

  2. Just read your piece on Photography. Thanks for that! I'll be using the info for future pics and sharing it on my twitter page! Lots of helpful tips!