Monday, March 28, 2011

Safety Gates

They say, "practice makes perfect," and I believe Jude is practicing very hard to make his climbing skills perfect!
Watching him try to execute a clean gate-break makes me wonder how in the world my parents managed to get five kids through toddlerhood without the luxury of safety gates, cabinet locks, and socket plugs?  I'm guessing it was the family playpen!  The family playpen was a well-worn, wooden, hand-me-down, with a set of built-in counting beads. We'd spend hours in the "pen" snacking, playing and sleeping.  When neighbors came by for visits, they simply piled their kids in there too! 
Thank goodness for new inventions,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Share with us the best baby, safety-featured gadget you've tried and liked, or anything else that strikes your fancy?

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  1. I like it so much better when my grandsons come to my house - no safety gates needed. We live in a ranch style home - no steps. Both by daughter and son have had a problem with installing their gates because of the bannister's location. They actually have to hire someone to do the installation. I wish there was a better solution (besides buying a one story house).

  2. I have never owned one, but I was very impressed when I visited a friend's house and saw her Learning Tower. It's like a safer step stool to get kids up to the level of the kitchen counter so they can watch mom or grandma cook, help decorate cookies, etc. Awesome product!

  3. Granny Nanny: I also live in a one story. No stairs helps a lot!
    Susan: Just googled "Learning Tower." Great invention for little ones! Thanks!