Friday, February 11, 2011

Discovering Facial Features

Once your little one figures out they have facial features, their next logical step is to discover who else has them!  I've found that stuffed animals are a terrific place to start.  Obviously, these darling, little critters were built to withstand the poking, prodding and pulling which a face has to endure through the early stages of discovery.  Thank goodness for small, plush favors!
Bubbie and Jude
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  1. My one year old grandsons are cousins, but they have decided to reach the age of facial discovery at the same time. Let me rephrase: They have reached the age of nose obsession at the same time. Let me rephrase again: They have reached the age of obsession with granny's nose at the same time. Following your suggestion I tried to find a stuffed animal with a bigger nose, but they already had elephants. I think I'm too old for a nose job!

  2. Still laughing over your comments! Thanks! Made my day!

  3. After she got a good grasp on what really belonged on a face, my grand daughter got a real kick out of telling Nona she was wrong every time I pretended I didn't know any better and tried to put 3 ears or 2 noses on a chalk drawing of a face. Sort of a play on Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street. Sounds simple, but resulted in lots of giggles and gave her a real sense of empowerment to "know" something that I didn't.

  4. Love your idea! Will be trying it out, too!