Monday, November 15, 2010

Bath Games And Toys For Kids

Water drums, water flutes, bobbing blocks, bathtub crayons, fingerpaints, and markers too, are just some of the many toys kids get to enjoy in the tub today.  Items either stick to the bathtub walls, or float.  Who wouldn't want to take a bath? "When I was a kid," (and I can't believe I'm saying that), but our parents' bribe to get us clean were plastic bowls, and bubble bath... which we thought was for making sudsy, silly hair shapes!  Since I'm still busy working on a house move, I think I'll snag some of my grandsons toys for a most entertaining and relaxing soak!  Look out magnetic boats, here I come!
P.S. How do you encourage your grandkids to get cleaned up?
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  1. I've bought some special bathtub toys, but the most reliable entertainment in the tub is simply a handful of play dishes. Throw in a funnel from the kitchen, and you'll have to drag them out of the tub.

    I have a jetted tub, and once the grandkids are old enough not to panic from the noise, we put in a little bubble bath and the jets whip up mounds of bubbles. That's great fun, too.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about the funnel. Love that idea!