Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Understanding Baby Talk

Jude and his friends were snacking at the park on this fine day, when along came a hungry passer-by. The grown-ups tried to figure out the gibberish that was spoken between them.  We think it went something like this: 
Boy:  Bgdiili! Blii! Hebb diididi gre!
(Translation: Quick!  Sit!  The girls are watching!)
Dog: Bark, bark bark! (Translation: I'll be sitting, as long as you keep the treats coming!)
1st Girl: Hak ligl! Hmm! (Translation:  Big deal! I could do that!)
2nd Girl: Bla! Pdi ke! (Translation: No you couldn't!  You hate dogs!)
1st Girl: Dile Fe fen dd? (Translation: Do you think he's cute?)
2nd Girl: Woh de boga do! (Translation: I don't like dogs either!)
1st Girl: Nol kel, arklk! (Translation: Not the dog, the boy!)
Until somebody comes up with a book for Dummies on baby language,  we'll continue to be entertained by playing, "What the heck did they just say!"
Still having fun,
P.S.  At what ages did your grandchildren become somewhat understandable? 
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