Saturday, November 6, 2010

Physical and Social Development for Toddlers

Carrying the kids, turns out, is harder on the back, but much easier on the nerves!  Wouldn't be so bad letting them take the stairs, if they were willing to let you help...but NOOOOOOOO!  I try to take Jude's hand, and he pushes me away.  I feel like a human net.  Standing inches away, without him noticing, my hands are ready for the slip!  I back up slowly covering every little space Jude could fall through, while guiding him down to safety.  Whew! Jude's learning to navigate his way down the steps is working my brain more than a crossword puzzle.  Geez, maybe I'm on to something here!
P.S.  At what ages did your grandkids start pushing their way towards independence ?
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