Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Toddlers and Naps

Can't say that nap time is a highlight in Jude's day, like most toddlers, he'd rather not take the break.  Think of all he might miss!  There's climbing, running, jumping, throwing, falling, eating, drinking, chasing...and that's in between laughing, dancing and clapping! I've tried explaining to Jude the health benefits, both emotionally and physically to a good afternoon nap, but he's never interested in listening to what I have to say, even when I try to sing it to him in rhyme. Our routine always remains the same: Watch Raffi sing, "Baby Beluga" while drinking warm milk from a sippy cup,,, then listen to Jude give his 30 second protest while grabbing for his "luvies" just before he drifts off to sleep
Sweet dreams,
"Sleeping Beauty's" Bubbie
P.S. Any tricks for getting the kids or grandbabies down for their nap?
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  1. One of my grandsons fought sleep so fiercely that he once fell asleep right in the middle of bouncing on the bed!

  2. I love that! Hope someone snapped a picture!