Saturday, October 2, 2010

Play Time is Learning Time

"But this isn't how Mommy plays,"  Jude thought, as he threw another block into the shape sorter box.  I couldn't  argue with that!  He was right!  Mommy helps guide Jude's block choices into their matching holes every time...quickly and confidently!  That's because, Mommies can do anything!  And I must admit, this feat does appear easier than it is.  I tried it!  They just didn't fit through their holes!   After three attempts at turning those colorful blocks every which way 'til Sunday, I gave up, pulled the shaped lid out of it's socket, and gave Jude a hole built for a king!  Not only did that cut down on my frustration, but we could get in two or more at a time, toss them in while standing, and place other odd and assorted things in there, too!  For instance, Jude figured out that he could fit his one foot in easily, as long as he didn't add his hand.  But if he traded a hand for a problem!
Always trying something different, just for the fun of it,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. How do you and your grandkids, or kids, change up your regular play ?
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