Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love monkey bars!  I particularly love this monkey bar!  Of all the playground equipment  at the park, this attraction sits at the very top of my list .  It doesn't require my assistance in swinging, climbing, sliding or lifting.  I get to sit next to Jude and watch him hold onto the bars,  while he hangs.  When he gets tired of hanging, he lets go, feet are already on the ground, and he does it again.  Where were these, "toddler size monkey bars," when my kids were little?  At that time I had to lift each child high up off the ground while spotting them. (Reminded me of hanging clothes as a kid...only clothespins held tighter for longer periods of time.)  Just as I finished hanging the last kid, the first kid's arms tired, and they were fussing to come down!  I knew there had to be a better way to make this fun for both parties, but "darn" if I could ever figure it out!  Luckily, someone who built the playground I now go to with Jude, did!  So, until he outgrows it, this will remain my recess, between, "Up!" and "Go, go!"
Hang in there,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  Let's hear about your playground adventures with your little ones!
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  1. Going to the park with the grands is certainly good exercise, especially when you have several young kids to keep going in the swings at once! The other champ for building muscles is that contraption which looks like a ladder parallel to the ground. The kids are supposed to swing from bar to bar, but my grandkids wanted to do it before they were old enough or strong enough. So I held them up as high as I could and let them do the arm part. Great for the shoulder muscles!

  2. Your grandkids were sure lucky to have a grandmom willing to do her part, to keep them healthy and entertained!