Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing With Household Items

See Jude.  See Jude play.  See Jude play in Bubbie's plastic bins which she emptied, just for him!  Bubbie's bins were filled with very important files and paperwork, five minutes before this picture was taken.  Bubbie was forced to make an executive decision concerning Jude's need to open and close each bin while in it's frame, with the distinct possibility of catching his pudgy, little fingers along the way.  Dismantling and emptying each bin, and placing them on the floor kept Jude busy for the rest of the morning.  Jude demonstrated over and over again, how these bins can be climbed-in, sat-in, jumped-in, and scooted-in, picked-up, stacked-up, pushed-along, and sat-on!  Never underestimate the creative mind of a 14 month old!
P.S. See Bubbie spend the rest of the afternoon trying to put everything back together again!
P.S.S. How do your grandkids and/or kids turn everyday household items, into play things?
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