Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Looking through old costumes , and putting together new ones, started weeks before Halloween when I was a kid.  We were big into detail, so make-up or masks were as important as how we dressed.  It was a good thing too, because growing up on the East coast was pretty cold by the end of October, and we were not allowed to trick-or-treat  without wearing a big, old, heavy coat which covered-up our Halloween costumes!  Living in sunny California was much different for my children, and is for my grandson.  None of that, taking off the coat to show everyone how cute you looked, after entering every house...then having to put the coat back on before you went to your next "candy" pick-up station.  This process ate into our precious time for hitting as many houses as possible before the dreaded porch lights were turned off!  Now-a-days there's another choice besides neighbors malls!  Many shopping malls offer a safe, fun, and easy way to trick-or-treat!  Parents can bring their kids to most stores in a mall to receive a treat.  Go to a participating indoor mall and weather's never an issue!
I'll probably dress in a costume this year, and walk alongside my grandbaby so I can relive some Halloween memories without the coat and more of the treats!
P.S. Share your favorite Halloween memories!
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