Sunday, September 12, 2010

Babysitting Grandbabies

April 6, 2009 was a great day! My new grandson came into this world 4 weeks early...ready and willing to tumble. Three months later I was assigned a "3 days-a-week" babysitting slot. Not having a baby for 25 years left me a bit stale. After the first week, I slowly began to have flashbacks of my early days in the trenches. I took notes. 1. No necklaces. 2. Lose the glasses. 3. Hanging earrings won't work, unless you live for pain. 4. Wear a bib. 5. Wear clothes that you plan on throwing away. 6. Nap when they nap. 7. Wear a back belt and/or strengthen abs. Would love to stay and chat, but I've got to go rake-up the toys.
Happy Grandparenting,
P.S. Got your own list? Bring it on!
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