Monday, September 20, 2010

Exciting Discoveries For Babies

Discovering “under” has got to be the next best thing to a cream cheese and jelly sandwich!  Imagine being able to relax on a nice cushy pillow next to grandbaby, while he brings his toys in and out from “under” the bed a couple of hundred times.  I love this game!  As he finally got a little bored, I gently began to rock him on my rocking chair.   Just when I thought he’d fallen asleep, he apparently felt rested enough to do a bit more discovering.  This one I titled “over”.  I thought it was appropriate since he was rock-climbing up my stomach and chest, then attempting the great escape “over” the top of my chair.  We both landed on our feet and went into six rounds of “Ring Around The Rosie.”   "Around” definitely does not cut it for me anymore, since I don’t know when my body became allergic to spinning!  As I grabbed my pillow and non-drowsy Dramamine, I helped my grandson rediscover his crib!
P.S. What would you say was your child's and/or grandchild's most exciting discovery? 
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