Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sitting at Seven Months

"If you're given ten toys, and all of them look good enough to eat, how do you know which one to grab first?" That's exactly what Katie must have been thinking as she balanced herself on her pillow in a big-girl sitting position, at just seven months old! Surrounded by sounds, textures, colors and shapes, it's understandable that choosing something to play with could be a problem! Fortunately for Katie, Bubbie came to the rescue! It was actually a no-brainer! I simply handed Katie one toy at a time. The toy that wasn't tossed back on the floor, but landed back in Katie's mouth was deemed the winner!
Happy playtime,
Bubbie and Katie, too!
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P.S. What toys did your little ones like to play with when they were under a year old?

1 comment:

  1. Lucky little girl! And aren't those boppy-type pillows the best? Remember when we used to have to pile pillows behind them. When they fell over, they inevitably found a crack between the pillows and bonked their little heads.