Friday, January 27, 2012


Three ball. Yikes! Jude, Remy and Arden's play started out innocently enough. Running, rolling and jumping on a large stretch of grass, on a comfortable cool day, with plenty of birds to chase after and a helicopter to get excited about flying overhead. Ahh, but then in the midst of this free for all, Jude's blue ball was spotted sitting on the field. Everyone wanted to claim ownership and there was no way of dividing this ball up...although they tried. Fortunately, they all like to count, so we made some fun of singing to ten until it was the next persons turn. They actually became more interested in counting together then playing alone with the big, blue ball!  Go figure!
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Have any good ideas for teaching little ones how to share?
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  1. What a creative solution! My grandkids are older, but it usually works to tell them that they can do something for a quarter hour or half an hour, and then it's the other's turn. Commonly, by the time the quarter hour or half hour is up, the grandchild-in-waiting has found something else interesting to do.