Friday, November 25, 2011

Safe Toys for the Holidays

Katie seems a little apprehensive about meeting her first doll!  Hmm...Who's going to be the first one to break the ice?  I'd venture to guess by the time Katie is two, they'll be the best of friends, sipping water from beautifully decorated tea cups, while chatting with a room full of toys!  But until then, this doll will get plenty of tossed-around and drooled-upon attention and affection! 
Happy Holiday Shopping,
Bubbie and Katie, too!
P.S. Please share any great gift ideas you might have!
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  1. I love a nice, soft doll for a baby! This one looks like a good bet to turn into a real "lovey."

  2. I agree! Don't think she'll be leaving home without her!

  3. Love tihis pic! The expression on Katie's face is priceless. Kisses from AJ!

  4. Yes, this pic tickled me! Just had to share it.