Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dining Out With The Kids

Want some exercise in portion control and pushing the old heartbeat up a notch or two?  Just go out to eat with a toddler! In no time at all you'll be racing out of your favorite restaurant having finished only half your meal. This works every time! You might even get a little extra jogging in if your munchkin is slick enough to Houdini it out of the high chair, and go for their "meet and greet the diners" run.  So put on your sneakers, come semi-hungry and let the games begin!
Laughing all the way,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Any great "eating out" restaurant tips with the little ones?
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  1. You said it perfectly! My tip is to eat in advance and save dessert for the restaurant - You're bound to lose weight cause you'll never get to the dessert.

  2. Love your idea, Granny Nanny! Thanks!