Friday, March 4, 2011

Tumbling for Toddlers

Helping Jude do a tumblesault was easy.  Getting him to stop was the challenge! I couldn't blame him at all. Growing up with four siblings, we spent many hours at the end of the day, testing our acrobatic skills on the living room rug.  Back bends, hand stands, tumbles, and often rumbles would erupt competing for floor space and "now look at me" time.  It was a terrific form of indoor exercise...not to mention, we all slept great at night!
Keep 'em moving,
Bubbie and Jude

P.S.  Any good indoor exercises for kids, you might share?
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  1. Love it Jude! You are a true athlete

  2. He sure is working at it!

  3. Very cute! When Jude gets a little bigger, you can make a hopscotch on the rug with tape. That's a good way to get exercise on rainy days.

  4. Thank you! I love your idea, and will pass it forward!