Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sand Play Activities

Just 2 weeks ago I couldn't get Jude to like the sand.  He walked around it to get to the slide, and needed all particles that would kick up and stick to him, removed immediately.  Well, turns out that sand toys married the two.  Not only did Jude discover the fun of digging, but he also realized he could bring sand home via pant cuffs, socks and shoes!  Can't wait until the weather gets a bit warmer and we add water to the mix!
Fun in the sun,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. What sand toys do your kids/grandkids like best?

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  1. There's really nothing that beats a sand pail and shovel, although dump trucks are pretty cool, too!

  2. The dump truck is next on my list. Jude's already eyeing them at the park.