Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magnetic Drawing Board and Pen

"Look Ma, no crayons or paper!" Now, I love a good mess as well as the next guy, but this magnetic drawing board is too sweet for words!  Jude can scribble away, then erase and start again, and it's terrific for hand-eye coordination!  Reminds me of playing with Wooly Willie, as a kid.  Willie also came with a pen which was used to move magnet dust around, for adding features, like hair, beard and a mustache. 

Here's to the good old days, and the good new days,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  Let's here about your memories of favorite toys from the past, that may be similar to the toys being used by your grandchildren in the present!
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  1. This type of drawing board is also great for the car, because toddlers usually drop markers or crayons and them scream in frustration. Or else they are very quietly marking all over the car seat and themselves.

    I remember Wooly Willy. Do you remember those little hand-held toys with numbers on sliding tiles? The point was to put the numbers in order. I hated those. I was pre-Play Doh, but we did have modeling clay. That was even worse to get out of the rug.

  2. I completely forgot about those sliding tile puzzles! Made me crazy not getting past "13" most of the time, but they were fun!