Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cleaning Up Can Be Fun For Kids

Toy storage bins seem to have taken the place of the big, old toy chests.  When I first saw this, I thought it was a fantastic idea.  Categorizing toys into their own bins!  What could be better, or simpler?  Stuffed dolls in one, balls in another, etc., etc. Twelve opportunities for separation!  Wow!  And this probably would work out swell, as long as there are no toddlers within arms reach of the unit!  Once in contact, there must be this little voice in their heads that say, "Tear that sucker apart!  Dump it all!  Leave no bins unturned!" When all is said and done, there lies the opportunity to sing my favorite song, "It's Clean Up Time Again!"   
Ah kids, 'ya gotta' love 'em!
I know I do,
P.S.  How do you encourage your grandchildren to clean up after themselves?

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