Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When should babies learn to use eating utensils? showed me the way!  A little late, but next time Jude eats over, I won't need the carpet cleaner.  You see, if you scroll down to rule number two, you will read as I did, "Consider lining the floor beneath your baby's highchair with a garbage bag or plastic shower curtain liner to catch food your little one will inevitably drop or throw."  Now why didn't I think of that  before offering this newbie-fork-user, pasta with lots of tomato sauce?  Next time around, the curtain comes out and down, and I'll be lined with the garbage bag!
Ready and waiting,
P.S.  What tricks have you used to help your kids or grandkids use eating utensils?
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  1. I don't have any fork-wielding tips, but I did love the chair that I used for all of my grandchildren. It was one of those that straps into a regular kitchen chair, and it was all plastic, so it could be hosed down outside if necessary! I also liked that it could be tucked into the bottom of my pantry and only taken out when there were grandkids on board.

  2. The high chair seat sounds perfect for so many reasons! I'll definitely be looking for one. Thanks for your great idea!