Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Mouthing" Is Normal

And the duck went quack, and the pig said, "oink" and the cow yelled, "help, help help!"  As we all learned from our kids, and now the grandkids, everything goes in the mouth!  There is actually a term for this called, "mouthing ." Fortunately, after Jude finished "mouthing" the cow, he decided to skip the rooster, pig, and duck, for something much tastier and fur-less...a banana! He was even willing to pass on the peel!
Helping 'em grow,
P.S. Which of the five senses did your children or your grandchildren use most?
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Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Make And Play With Puppets

I've made sock puppets , bag puppets, and finger puppets, but it took my grandson to show me how to make a plastic cup puppet.  Pretty simple, actually. 
Step One: Find a plastic cup sitting on the bathroom sink, and pull it down.
Step Two: After examining it thoroughly, bite it, throw it, and last but not least, slip it over your hand!
Here comes the fun part: Get it to move by shaking your hand back and forth until it flies off your fingers and lands on the floor.  You then get to start over again, with sound effects and lots of giggles!
Try it!  You might like it!  Jude did!

Keeping life fun,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. How have puppets helped your kidlets growing up?
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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not only do mirrors help enlarge a room, they're also a great distraction for little ones.  Smiles break out from the time baby sees another little face staring back at them, to the moment they recognize it's "me!"  I'm not sure if Jude is at that self-awareness stage yet, but he's sure having a blast conversing with the little boy through the looking glass!  (Be sure to keep the Windex handy!)  
Happy reflections,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  What did your little ones do to let you know they had become aware of themselves?
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Toddlers Explore Through Climbing

Watching and helping Jude figure out  how to sit, stand, walk and run have not been nearly as much fun as his latest challenge ...climbing!  This is pure joy!  He's having as much fun conquering those enticing obstacles, as I am observing and spotting him!  His favorite word now is up , which is coming in very handy since everything taller than him needs scaling!  The world according to Jude has become one big jungle gym!
Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  Which of your kid's, or grandkid's milestones have given you the most pleasure?
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toddlers Learn How To Wash Their Hands

Hands dirty?  Too busy playing to wash up?  Do like Jude does!  Locate a dog near you, hold out your hands, and let the cleansing begin!  This takes but a minute, especially if the residue on your fingers and palms are made up of cheesy poof crumbs. The tastier your mess, the faster the clean-up.  Take it from Jude, it's a time saver!
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  What shortcuts have your grandchildren taught you?
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fine And Gross Motor Skills Activities

If car number one gets pushed off the table at 1:00 p.m., and car number two is thrown across the table just one second later, which car lands on Bubbie's foot first?  You guessed it!  Both cars miraculously hit simultaneously.  I'm thrilled to see Jude's fine motor skills , and gross motor skills  being practiced at the same time, I just have to get my reflexive skills tuned up and outta' the way!  
Watch for oncoming traffic,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  Any suggestions to help kids develop their fine, and gross motor skills?
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Handling Active Toddlers

Need a distraction while diapering your grandkids ? Tried making faces and singing songs?  Well, here's one my grandson taught me, while struggling to keep him from squirming and turning on the changing table. Body parts!  That's it! Show that body part!  The hands seem to take up most of the game. After all, you can shake them, wiggle them, count them, and squeeze them, clap them, bend them, even throw a kiss with them!  Jude was amazed with the possibilities, and I was thrilled to complete the task without the fuss! (Mine and his!)
Happy diapering,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S.  Have a handy tip to share on getting through the day with baby?
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Helping Kids Learn To Draw And Recognize Colors

This fine Monday morning I made an innocent attempt at bringing out the big drawing pad and crayons for some coloring fun.  By the time I demonstrated the fine art of scribbling, Jude showed me how to move with the paper.  Managing to touch, smell, and examine  the paper without picking up a crayon, Jude was then ready to test his sense of "taste!"  Fortunately, he didn't find it palatable, so we cleaned up and went outside to play.  I think I'm going to wait a while before I break out the play-dough!
P.S.  At what ages did you start bringing out some art supplies for your grandkids?
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bath Games And Toys For Kids

Water drums, water flutes, bobbing blocks, bathtub crayons, fingerpaints, and markers too, are just some of the many toys kids get to enjoy in the tub today.  Items either stick to the bathtub walls, or float.  Who wouldn't want to take a bath? "When I was a kid," (and I can't believe I'm saying that), but our parents' bribe to get us clean were plastic bowls, and bubble bath... which we thought was for making sudsy, silly hair shapes!  Since I'm still busy working on a house move, I think I'll snag some of my grandsons toys for a most entertaining and relaxing soak!  Look out magnetic boats, here I come!
P.S. How do you encourage your grandkids to get cleaned up?
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabulous Tree houses Inside And Out

Tree houses aren't what they used to be.  For one, they used to sit in trees!  Hence the name, "tree house!"  As a kid, I used to envy those who had large back yards, filled with trees where someone always managed to build a make-shift tree house.  We would pile all of our good junk in them, and spend hours of our days playing, eating, and dreaming from inside their wooden walls!  Today, you're more than likely to find a tree house in the middle of a park, within the playground equipment, overlooking a street with cars.  Loses a little something in the translation, but it stills remains a special place to hide, play peek-a-boo, and pretend!
Best regards,
P.S.  Fill us in on some wonderful memories from your childhood experiences in treehouses.

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Helping Toddlers Figure It Out

Whoever came up with the sliding board, sure knew how to have fun!  Jude has discovered that there is more than one way to slide down, and more ways than one to go up! 
It's adorable to watch the surprised look on Jude's face each time his slide is complete.  He can't quite figure out what's making him stop.  The ride is over, but "why?"
P.S.  How do you manage to help your grandkids figure things out?
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning Through Play

Ah, how I long for the good ol' days...playing fetch with Jude, as he would throw his toys from the high chair.  I'd have to bend a mere foot and a half to make my retrieve.  (Seems like it was just a few months ago. Actually it was!)  Now that he's walking...make that running, he's interested in seeing me move a little faster and a lot farther.  My new mantra has turned into, "get in shape, or get out of the game!"
Keep on moving,
P.S.  How are your grandkids keeping you in shape?
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Physical and Social Development for Toddlers

Carrying the kids, turns out, is harder on the back, but much easier on the nerves!  Wouldn't be so bad letting them take the stairs, if they were willing to let you help...but NOOOOOOOO!  I try to take Jude's hand, and he pushes me away.  I feel like a human net.  Standing inches away, without him noticing, my hands are ready for the slip!  I back up slowly covering every little space Jude could fall through, while guiding him down to safety.  Whew! Jude's learning to navigate his way down the steps is working my brain more than a crossword puzzle.  Geez, maybe I'm on to something here!
P.S.  At what ages did your grandkids start pushing their way towards independence ?
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let There Be Light, and No Light!

Now you see it, now you don't! The ceiling light, that is!  Learning how to turn things on and off, especially by remote is fascinating for a toddler.  Once they figure it out, it's tough to turn them off to it.  I know!  I tried...through Discussion:"Jude, this can't be fun for you anymore.  Your neck must be killing you from looking up!  You don't want to wear out the buttons on the remote, do you?"...Bribes: "Wouldn't you rather play with your favorite ball?  Look at this "big boy's" box of raisins Bubbie has for you in her pocket book!"...Distraction: "Listen to that!  I think I hear the circus train coming down the street!  Hurry!  Let's go see!"  That didn't work either, but the consolation was...Jude did figure out how to work the buttons for the fan, too!
P.S.  Send me the best distraction methods you've used with your little ones..that worked!
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Understanding Baby Talk

Jude and his friends were snacking at the park on this fine day, when along came a hungry passer-by. The grown-ups tried to figure out the gibberish that was spoken between them.  We think it went something like this: 
Boy:  Bgdiili! Blii! Hebb diididi gre!
(Translation: Quick!  Sit!  The girls are watching!)
Dog: Bark, bark bark! (Translation: I'll be sitting, as long as you keep the treats coming!)
1st Girl: Hak ligl! Hmm! (Translation:  Big deal! I could do that!)
2nd Girl: Bla! Pdi ke! (Translation: No you couldn't!  You hate dogs!)
1st Girl: Dile Fe fen dd? (Translation: Do you think he's cute?)
2nd Girl: Woh de boga do! (Translation: I don't like dogs either!)
1st Girl: Nol kel, arklk! (Translation: Not the dog, the boy!)
Until somebody comes up with a book for Dummies on baby language,  we'll continue to be entertained by playing, "What the heck did they just say!"
Still having fun,
P.S.  At what ages did your grandchildren become somewhat understandable? 
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun and Games With Toddlers

Hide and Seek happens to be one of my favorite childhood games.  It gets to be even more fun as you get older and wiser.  I always lost to those more ingenious than myself at hiding, but I've finally found my equal...Jude, my 18 month old grandson.  Now, this boy knows how to hide!  The game lasts about 3 minutes, which is right about where my attention span sits these days.  We than move on to bigger and better activities, such as; popping out at each other from behind the bed, racing down the hall, and spinning anything that will spin across Jude's wooden, play table.  As long as his imagination, curiosity, and creativity continues to grow, we'll never be at a loss for play!
Fun and games forever,
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Where does imagination and fun take you while playing with your grandkids?

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