Thursday, October 7, 2010

Precious Moments With The Kids

How's this for fun?  First you take 2 or 3 handfuls of wood chips and throw them into a bucket .  You then dump the wood chips that you tossed into the bucket, onto the ground, which is covered in wood chips, which you used in the first place to put into your bucket .  Easy!  Relaxing!  No math skills required!  I've tried it, and would highly recommend it!  As a matter of fact, when Jude discovered it for himself today, he was so fascinated by it's simplicity that he spent 10 minutes repeating the process, until boredom set in, and he moved onto bigger and better finding stuff on the ground (moving or not) which you're not supposed to eat, let alone pick-up!
Another eventful day at the park!
Bubbie and Jude
P.S. Share with us your precious moments with your grandkids, and/or kids while playing at the park!
P.S.S. Thanks!
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  1. I remember being at the beach with my oldest granddaughter when she was just a toddler. We dug a hole and gave her a bucket to fill up the hole with water. She would bring back a bucket of water from the edge of the ocean, pour it in, and two minutes later it would be gone! She made a million trips trying to fill up that hole.

  2. Funny how, what would frustrate an adult, brings pure wonder and excitement to a little one! Hope you took plenty of pictures!