Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weaning From Bottle To Sippy Cup

Since weaning off the bottle, Jude has graduated to a sippy cup.  He didn't take to the replacement too easily at first, but now he's become an old pro!  Here he's demonstrating his ambidextrous skills with milk in one hand, and water in the other! Of course, when he's finished drinking, the cups become odd shaped bouncing balls, and rolling logs!  Fortunately, among the dozens of sippy cup designs, there are those that promise to "bounce 50% of the distance back up off the ground!" Also in the mix you can find flip-tops, built-to-tilts, twist and clicks, sports cups, double grippers, straw sippers, and angled spouts!  I'm so happy that I'm a grandparent, eliminating the possibility of needing to make a choice between these highly advanced sippy cups. I have a hard enough time choosing between toothpastes!
Just Bubbie!
P.S. How was the transition between bottle or nursing, and the cup, for your grandkids?  Any tricks to make it easier?
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  1. Modern sippy cups do make the transition from the bottle easier. Here was my dilemma: as an grandmother and thus an occasional user of sippy cups, I could never disassemble them for cleaning and get them put back properly. I always had a drawer full of those little valves with no clue which cup they belonged to.

  2. That's when the disposable, sippy cups come in handy. I always have a few waiting in a drawer, just in case!