Friday, September 24, 2010

Jude's Easy-to-Follow, 5 Step Reading Program!

Step 1: Mosey on over to the books that your mom and dad placed neatly, and alphabetically for you on your bookshelf .
Step 2: Pull every book off the shelf until you find the book that seems just right for you.  (You might need to taste one or two in the process of finding the one that 'strikes your fancy'.)
Step 3: Lie down on your bed, making sure you've got your book sitting comfortably across your belly.
Step 4: Turn the pages, as you study the pictures , and talk to the book.

Step 5: WARNING: Your eyes and hands will tire quickly, so be sure not to pick out a book that weighs more than you!  Have fun!

Observed and recorded by Bubbie!
P.S. Let me know about your grandchild's or child's favorite book(s). Thanks!

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