Thursday, September 16, 2010

Solid Foods For Baby

So how was I supposed to remember (from 25 years ago), that introducing a baby to a spoon at the same time as their food, can be confusing to them? Little did I know, that there was an article that explained this phenomenon. My finger! I was supposed to use my finger instead of the spoon. What was I thinking! Of course that explained why he was dodging every helping with his quick little hands. He was confused! I thought he was just trying to be funny! And we both thought it was pretty hilarious, until he figured out how to get it going my way! Once it shot up my nose, I was ready for a nice, soothing, warm bottle...I mean Jude was!
Disclaimer: No baby was harmed during the making of this picture...but I can't same the same for my camera!
Happy "grand"baby sitting,
P.S. Please share with us your most successful baby feeding solutions. Thanks!
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